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Weight Loss Success Factor: Read the Prologue

Have you read the prologue? Reading the prologue to the book “Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad” IS a success factor in the Eat Like a Bear community, helping to create a mindset of success. We have a growing and impressive list of 100+ pound weight loss cases in the community, in part […]

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Maria, half her size, at about 128 pounds, standing in front of a red motor cycle wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket. To the left is her

ELAB Success Story: Maria

If you’ve been in the Eat Like a Bear community, you surely have not missed Maria who posts weekly (or more) progress photos of herself, dating back to when she first started in January 2019. She was the first community member to break my record for losing 100 pounds (mine was in 8 months, hers […]

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Amanda Rose and her son at the 45th Parallel sign north of Yellowstone National Park in August 2018, Amanda looking all trim at 140 pounds.

The Eat Like a Bear Origin Story

“Why on earth is all this called ‘Eat Like a Bear!‘?” I’m glad you asked. You might be surprised that you are not the first to do so. 🙂 As I finished up the book Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad, I took a day or so to write out our community’s origin […]

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ELAB Success Story: Shon

Shon has graced the Eat Like a Bear community for over a year now and we saw her shrink before our eyes, a triple-digit transformation. In the process she has delighted us with photos of herself, looking very happy. I always think of her in this first picture, and this is when she was down […]

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ELAB Success Story: Melinda

Melinda joined the Eat Like A Bear! community on February 10, 2019 and delighted us with her progress pictures from the very beginning, and so we have watched her progress down to 145 pounds, a weight she has not seen as an adult. Melinda recaps her story for us here: ***** From Melinda Troxel: I […]

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Loose Skin & Weight Loss: Avoid Cosmetic Surgery, Here Are My Photos!

Do not fear loose skin after extreme and rapid weight loss! OK, so maybe you’re going to fear it a little bit, but will you really need cosmetic surgery for it? After losing “half my size,” I do not need cosmetic surgery. My skin is in surprisingly decent shape and it is still improving. You’ll […]

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“WALK”: My Obesity Is In Remission

I will never give myself the luxury of thinking I’ve won. My obesity is officially in remission and I use the word “remission” with intent. How many people toss around the word “cure” and use it as part of their mindset? Are we ever really “cured” of anything? Nothing major or important likely has a […]

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Poppy Seed Salad Dressing, Low Carb / Keto

This is my go-to low carb (keto) poppy seed salad dressing. I love this one with the classic spinach salad and goat cheese, with a handful of berries sprinkled in if I am feeling all wild and decadent. It’s also just a solid performer with a chicken or salad topper. It is simple to mix […]

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Low Carb Cesar Salad Dressing

It’s time for a Cesar “Big Salad” for your next Big Salad meal! We eat a lot of salads here at Eat Like A Bear! and we make them BIG. This classic low carb / keto Cesar salad dressing is a great addition to the mix. You might as well make it at home to […]

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“The Ridiculously Big Salad” — My “Secret” To Losing 140 Pounds (Keto, Low Carb, Intermittent Fasting)

Seriously, this salad is my big “secret” to my 140-pound weight loss. (It’s hardly a secret if you tell everyone about it…) I’ve been promoting “the big salad” for months now that we’ve almost become a salad cult in the Eat Like A Bear! group on Facebook (here). I have videos all over the place […]

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