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​We Thought We Were Destined To Be FAT!

At 49 years old, I was the first of ​over 30 people using my method to lose over 100 pounds, and you can too!

Wherever you're sitting right now, look out your window. Where is someplace extraordinary you want to explore? What adventures ​do you want to ​go on? And what’s stopping you? Do you feel exhausted and defeated at even the thought of physically getting out there? Are you drained of energy, hopeless that you will never get the chance?

There may be no darker place than being trapped in a body that is exhausted and broken, looking back on ​ missed opportunities.

It’s a desperate place to be in, I know. ​I wish I didn’t know. My desperation was deep and raw, as I laid on the couch, looking out my window, weighing 280 pounds. I've tried so many diets over the decades and left a trail of diet failures. I had no real hope that I would ever lose weight, and certainly never imagined I would be telling this story.

As it turns out, that desperation would be the key to power me out of that pit, once I gathered a simple, yet precise, set of weight loss tools. That desperation, combined with a method that I’m going to teach you, ​will be transformative and a key to​ your success.

​The Underlying Cause of Obesity

You know how we always complain that obesity must have some sort of genetic component? That we have a "fat gene"? But, despite our complaints, most thin people just think we ​are lazy and out of control? Well, we all have our lazy and out-of-control moments, but we were also right about that gene​....

​I really just shake my head, because we've all known that the "fat gene" was real, but we still face skeptics who say that we're just making things up – making excuses, complaining, fat, and out of control. What we have thought of as the "fat gene" I now know as "insulin resistance," and there is nothing more powerful than thousands of people coming together, fat genes and all, showing the world that ​our lifelong obesity struggle was never actually about laziness.

But back in 2017 I could not even contemplate all of this, ​stuck at 280 pounds, feeling judged and helpless.

​​That's when everything changed.

​But life changed. I ​injured my knee, couldn’t walk, and ended up approved for bariatric surgery. Facing impending surgery, I made one last-ditch effort to lose weight. I closed myself off from the diet hype of the Internet and implemented my own unique variation of a low-carb (keto) diet and time-restricted eating, which ​is the foundation ​of this​ method  you can use for your own success.

At three months in, I’d lost so much weight that I was no longer a candidate for bariatric surgery. By eight months I’d lost 100 pounds! And now I’ve lost half my body weight. I went from 280 pounds to 140 ​pounds using the method I’m going to tell you about.

​But first you need to know what I​ didn't do.

  • ​​I didn’t use drugs, magic pills, or harmful substances.
  • I didn’t have bariatric surgery (almost, but no).
  • I didn’t spend hours in the gym.
  • I didn’t count macros or calories.
  •  I didn’t use ​diet supplements.

​So what did I do (that you can do too) to lose a lot of weight ​and ​keep it off?

Amanda Rose, Ph.D.

Founder, Eat Like a Bear!
​Author, Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad

  • 140 pounds, down from 280 pounds
  • 5​1 years old (49 years old during the weight loss phase)
  • Previous low weight as an adult: 167 pounds
  • In maintenance since summer 2018

​​How did I do this?

I started to ​Eat ​Like a Bear!

Bears are great at eating the right stuff when it’s time to eat, and living off their stored energy for the rest of the time. And that’s the basis of my weight loss and the foundation of what can change everything for you.

And I'm not the only one....


​Meet Maria, who found us in January 2019 and is already a "half-my-size" case.  Maria describes January 2019 and her transformation: 

"I was devastated, disappointed and disgusted with myself. As, I sat on the sofa I came across a video called 'Yellowstone.' I heard the words this tiny woman spoke. It was as if she was speaking only to me!!! She said she was half her size and she no longer qualified for her weight loss surgery. I remember listening to every single word. Soaking all this information in, I went and looked for her group Eat Like a Bear on Facebook and joined!! 

I spent hours reading posts and seeing all the videos from Amanda. I bought a journal and started my journey! Amanda had a book for sale... I read it and read it again. I took her plan and tweaked it for ME! 

In 10 months and a few days I had surpassed my goal weight that I had ​set for myself​: 155-150. I ​now weigh​130 pounds. I decided to start my maintenance​. ​While doing so, I lost a few more pounds and I now weigh 127 pounds! Yes!!! I had lost 128.9 pounds in less th​an a year and now weigh LESS than I lost! Can you believe it?! "


​Shelley, down 150 pounds, recounts: 

"I was 330 pounds – severely depressed, weary and defeated. I had given up on ever improving my health. ​I decided I wanted to live. I heard Amanda’s story and believed her when she said that I could do it! Her story instantly resonated with me. I was at the point of 'give up' or 'get up' - I chose to get up.

The quick results were highly motivating. It wasn’t complicated, and there was great support. I was convinced at week one when my joint pain greatly diminished and I dropped 10.5 pounds. The inflammation reduction was immediately noticed in how my clothes fit and the swelling in my feet and ankles was almost nonexistent."


​Shon lost 100 pounds in 2019. She describes her starting point: "Healthwise, I knew I was headed toward a multitude of health issues if I continued on at 242 pounds. Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and chronic joint pain. Hated my lack of stamina. So many things I had been able to do in the past – even at this approximately same weight – I could no longer do as I aged. I was 57 at the time. What would my 'golden' years look like if I didn’t make a change?"

Asked when she knew it was working for her, she said: "The first week. The swelling, insulin surges, sugar cravings all diminished or completely disappeared. I knew immediately that this WOE [way of eating] was something different.... I was losing weight faster than I had ever done previously. And I wasn’t having to exercise to do it. That was great because physically, there was no way I could exercise as I had in the past. It was a 'win, win!'"


Melinda has lost 90 pounds. She writes: "​Over the years I tried diet after diet with only minimal success. I did Weight Watchers several times, Nutri-System twice, Jenny Craig, took phentermine, and even got injections of HCG! I never could stick to anything for more than a few months. The most I ever lost was 45 pounds, and I always put back on more weight than when I started.

By the grace of God, I stumbled across Amanda’s videos on YouTube. After seeing all the success stories, I jumped! I was so surprised at how easy it was and how satisfied I was with all the big salads! I ate RBSs (Ridiculously Big Salads) almost every day. I think that the time that I realized that this approach was working for me and that I was actually going to make it to my goal this time was when I made it to 175 pounds. Nothing I had ever tried had gotten me down to that weight."


Patti is down 90 pounds from her high weight, 60 pounds since she found us. She is 40 pounds from her goal weight, but has already changed her life completely. She was researching the keto diet when she found us: "As I was watching one day, Amanda's video popped up. And I learned about the RBS (Ridiculously Big Salad) and the group. I joined the group, and here we are. Medical issues ... yeah.... I wanted off my meds!! I took 7 meds and a shot of Trulicity every Sunday when I joined the group on July 22nd. I had just had my labs done. My A1c was 7.2. I didn't wade in, I DOVE in. I had my labs done a couple of months ago. My A1c is 5.4. I no longer take ANY prescribed medications. I stopped taking 8 mg of Glimpride every day around 3 weeks in. And the doctor took me off of everything else too."

Patti reflects on her transformation: "OMGOSH ... where to start?!? I can WALK. Just WALK. I no longer have to carefully place my feet on the ground. I just WALK!!! I don't know if that will make sense.... I can climb stairs again and go down them. Just like 30 years ago. I walked MILES on the beach with my husband!! I could never walk on the beach before. I can ride my bike again. I can hike the trails again. I can shop for hours now without a rest every half hour or so. I can leave for the day and not make sure I have my meds with me. I can RUN now. Really RUN!!! I no longer need a steroid shot in my knee just so I COULD walk.... AND my eyes are better now than 5 years ago. YES!!! My eyeglasses prescription is better today than it was 5 years ago!!!"

​Are These "Usual" Results?

​Are the testimonials above "usual" results of members of the community? Absolutely not. These are the people that put their noses to the grindstone and hammered out the weight. They put in the work and are now reaping the benefits. ​​​I encourage you to do the same. If you find that the program is not for you, you can always ask for your money back.

Are you ready to change your life?

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​​Too good to be true?

​Sound too simple? It is...

Here’s what’s different about what I call the Ridiculously Big Salad ​ (RBS) Method in the Eat Like a Bear digital course. The RBS Method combines the keto diet (without all the misconceptions) and intermittent fasting (yes, it works and it’s healthy!) into a two-punch technique that will melt the fat right off of you, and FAST:  

  1. For one hour of the day you’re going to be eating a Ridiculously Big Salad.
  2. For the rest of the day you’re going to be living off of the nutrients and low-carb energy from the salad. 

You won’t feel weaker. In fact, many women say their energy levels go up, especially after losing some life-changing pounds.

You may have some good days and some bad days, but that is the stuff of life, and your good days are about to get far, far better than you may even be able to imagine at this moment.

It isn’t unhealthy. In fact, it’s backed by science. I have yet to meet a medical professional who is concerned about the nutritional quality of what I do. (They wish more of their patients would do it!)

​So how does it work? The SCIENCE

​The RBS Method uses two popular, research-based healthy weight loss techniques:

1. A Ketogenic Diet (Keto)

The RBS Method is ketogenic – a.k.a. “keto” – but not the stereotypical "meat, eggs, and cheese" keto. ​The Ridiculously Big Salad Method is low in carbohydrates and helps your body stay in the natural ketogenic fat-burning mode known as “ketosis.”

For women over 45, hormonal changes can mean weight gain, even if you're eating the same foods you've eaten all your life. When you're eating very low carb, your body shifts from burning sugars to burning fat, and your body burns the fat you eat AND the fat you've stored. This also works with your body and the normal hormone changes you go through. You can stop fighting nature and finally use it to your advantage!

2. Intermittent Fasting

The RBS Method is a variation of the increasingly popular "intermittent fasting," ​where you only eat during certain hours of the day, sometimes called a “window.” ​It is easier than you think to implement and is a GAME-CHANGER for weight loss. 

I know what you’re thinking: “But won’t I feel hungry all the time??” 

The RBS Method is different. You are likely to struggle far less with hunger using this method than you have on any other weight loss program. To help put your potential hunger into perspective, I asked ​members of the Eat Like a Bear! community using the method to comment on their own hunger. This is what they said:

​Won't I be hungry?​ What community members say:

The RBS Method helps you control your hunger. ​I go into depth about this specific concern in the course. It’s a top concern for many of us who ​continually struggle with hunger. It was my number one biggest fear when I first started out, and I am still shocked at how my approach ​helps with the hunger problem.

The RBS Method strikes at an often-overlooked factor in the struggles we women have with weight as we get older: insulin resistance. Our bodies can produce more and more insulin as we age, and insulin makes us fat. We produce far less insulin when we only eat once a day, improving our body’s ability to burn fat.

Really, the whole hunger problem is turned on its head with the RBS Method. You really do end up LESS hungry.

What do I get in the course?​

You Get:​

  • A ​161-page digital download (PDF) book, ​The Ridiculously Big Salad​,​​​ to walk you through what to do and how to do it, and reinforce your mental game! Full of resource-intense core sections on what to eat, when, and why, as well as the psychology of success. You CAN do this!
  • ​13 how-to videos based on misconceptions, pitfalls, and other lessons to take the guesswork out of finally losing the weight that’s holding you back.
  • ​​A printable 6-week meal plan.
  • ​Effortless pre-made shopping lists – no reading tiny type on labels.
  • 15 salad dressing recipes that taste incredible, but don’t cost half your paycheck.
  • 15 featured salad recipes to teach you how to craft your own. You’ll be a Salad Chef!
  • 12 non-salad “hot food” recipes that still fit into the RBS framework (featuring sausage, chicken, beef, and fish) so you’ll never get bored. 
  • ​Access granted to the Eat Like a Bear! community with 38,000 women like you who share stories, tips, and tons of encouragement. This community has helped​ thousands of women lose some estimated 60,000​ lbs. You’ll find your tribe here. 
  • ​A 100% money-back guarantee.

Are you ready to weigh less than you've ever weighed as an adult?

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Yet another weight loss program? 

There are all kinds of Internet marketers out there trying to sell you weight loss junk that you don't need and that doesn't work. With these kinds of shenanigans, it’s understandable that you’re skeptical.

Other programs make you buy:

  • Expensive foods that you’ve never heard of and don’t know how to cook.
  • Memberships/monthly fees
  • Supplements, some of which aren’t safe.
  • Shakes, powders, and bars that are barely food and definitely don’t taste like it.

It’s painfully expensive! 

The RBS Method doesn’t require anything beyond a trip to your regular grocery store. In fact, women often report that they tend to save money on groceries when ​using the RBS Method.

Still skeptical? I asked community members to comment on the program. 

​What does this program ​really cost?

​​If you're ready to stop guessing and get started, ​Click here.

​So how is this program any different?

The Eat Like a Bear / Ridiculously Big Salad Course

This course is backed by verifiable and extreme weight loss success cases. ​Shelley down 150 pounds, Maria down 127 pounds, ​and me down 140 pounds. We understand the difficulties of trying everything, the pain of no results, and the exuberance when it actually works. ​We get it, because we’ve been there.

​This course comes from 18 months of working with the growing (and thriving) Eat Like a Bear! Community. It’s been an organic extension of finding something that really works and sharing it with the people I care about. More and more people joined, tested the program, and saw real results.

​When you purchase this course and join us, you will see our success cases and, if you're not impressed, ask for your money back. ​I will refund you, no questions asked. ​We are the real deal.

The ​Other Guys

​The other stuff is built to capitalize on the growing demand for ketogenic diets.

  • They find a popular trend and create a product to sell you.
  • ​Their success stories ​may not come from their actual product or course.
  • ​They may ​be building "their list" so they can sell you junk you don't need.
  • ​The author or content creator may not even have personal ​experience ​with significant weight loss. ​

I’m not trying to be negative. I’m just calling it like it usually is. There are definitely authentic courses out there. They’re just few and far between (and I haven't found one nearly as effective for older women as this one is).

But the biggest thing you get ...

Honestly, one of the biggest things you get is the Eat Like a Bear! community. ELAB ​members lift each other up every day. There is NO judgement in the ELAB community, only love and a TON of encouragement. We share tips, stories, and provide massive motivation and a cheering section for our members. This group will blow you away with the love and support you'll receive. 

If you’re looking for women just like you, who HAVE lost weight and ARE losing weight, you’ve found us. If you haven't ​met us already, ​we CANNOT wait to meet you!

Simple but not "easy"

​The RBS Method is a simple, straightforward, inexpensive solution to your “lifelong” problem, but if you have a lot of pounds to lose, there is nothing about losing a life-changing amount of weight that is ever easy, which is why the Eat Like a Bear community will be so important ​on your journey. You’ll be in the grind of your life, a grind that is worth it many times over, but it is a grind nonetheless. There may be no better way to stay on track than seeing others just like you focused on meeting their goals. 

Are you ready to change your life?

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​You are fully protected by ​my 100%-satisfaction guarantee. ​Seriously, just contact me and tell me I'm full of ​it, and I'll send you a refund. ​What we are doing still blows my mind, and I want you to see it. Don't let the universe full of ​slick salesmen keep you from checking this out.

Amanda Rose, Ph.D., Author/Founder

​Amanda Rose, Ph.D., 5​1 years old, is a social scientist and unexpected weight loss success case who leads a community of thousands ​who are replicating her success. The community has over a dozen triple-digit weight loss cases attributed to her ​approach to weight loss, a framework that uses intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet, but in a way that is distinct within the keto community.

Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review