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Keto Cucumber Salad

This keto cucumber salad is so easy that the compliments it brings are almost embarrassing. This is a 5-minute salad if you’re quick with a knife! The only issue to consider in turning this cucumber salad classic into a keto cucumber salad and minding the carbohydrates in the sour cream. Some sour cream, especially the […]

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Keto Coleslaw

Keto Coleslaw, Low Carb and PURPLE!

This keto coleslaw, with an amazing garlic dressing, has been a staple in our household since the 1970s when my mom discovered the Cabbagetown Cafe Cookbook. This version was modified by my mom in her kitchen and I have further reduced a few of the carbs here and there to make it keto diet-compatible. This […]

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Sardine Egg Salad

Keto Egg Salad with Sardines!

If you have read much at all on this website, you know I am a big salad eater and I like a good protein center on my salads, particularly a protein with very healthy fat attached to it. Enter eggs. Enter sardines. It’s a heavenly marriage in the salad world. I buy sardines packed in […]

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