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Bulletproof Coffee for Weight Loss?

Should you drink bulletproof coffee for weight loss? It’s a fun drink to drink and there are a lot of claims of the benefits of bulletproof coffee, including general health benefits and weight loss. As with all advice on this website, I’ll first say: “If it’s working for you, go for it!” However, I don’t […]

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Keto Cheat Days: Should You Have Cheat Days for Weight Loss?

Keto cheat days? Should you have “cheat days” on the keto diet? We all hope to find tools to make diets easier because they are certainly hard enough as it is. But does a “cheat day” make your weight loss easier or harder? ***WET BLANKET INCOMING!!!!**** In this video I strongly encourage you to jump […]

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Keto Macros: How to Count Macros for Weight Loss? Should You?

Keto Macros: How to count “macros” for weight loss? Should you count your macros? First, what are “keto macros”? The term “macro” is simply short for “macro nutrient.” This is the portion of the food label — carbohydrates, fat, protein, and calories, as distinguished from “micro nutrients” — e.g. vitamins and minerals. Here at the […]

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Keto Diet for Weight Loss? Is It Necessary To Be In Ketosis?

With a keto diet for weight loss, I’ve lost over 140 pounds as I write this and I know as well as anyone that it is very difficult to be strict over many, many months. The keto diet IS strict. You reduce carbs to such a degree that your body no longer fuels itself on […]

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How to Calculate “Net Carbs”? What are “Net Carbs”? Should You Bother?

“Net carbs” is a keto diet term referring to this calculation for any particular food or food product: Total grams of carbohydrate (minus) grams of insoluble fiber (equals) net carbs. The reason for subtracting out the fiber content is that fiber digests differently and does not affect your blood sugar in the way that the […]

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