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“WALK”: My Obesity Is In Remission

I will never give myself the luxury of thinking I’ve won. My obesity is officially in remission and I use the word “remission” with intent. How many people toss around the word “cure” and use it as part of their mindset? Are we ever really “cured” of anything? Nothing major or important likely has a […]

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A Postcard from Oildale: A Tribute to Washboards, Bologna Sandwiches, Aunts, and The Hag

(The Kern River flows through all of Bakersfield today and so I post this for you, March 27, 2019.) I stood here over looking the Forks of the Kern River where the North and South Fork come together to form the notorious and awe-inspiring “Killer Kern,” a rough river that takes lives every year. I […]

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A Postcard From Heaven (aka Your Day 1)

I write this post in memory of a friend who was positioned to make a huge impact on the obesity rates here in central California, given his job, his charisma, and his background. He was one of the “Bears” in my IRL friends and family network, applying the tools that I used to lose 140 […]

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Half My Size, Half A Century!

I’m “Half My Size” and “Half a Century”!!! HAPPY FLIPPIN’ HALF A CENTURY!!!! I don’t think I ever had expectations for my 50th but I would have never guessed I’d be making this video. Please watch. Tell a friend. (Watch “A Postcard From Yellowstone” here)

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“She Believed She Could?” A Postcard from Kauai

“She believed she could and so she did.” I am going to be straight-up about this motivational saying: I’d love to say that I lost 140lbs because of this attitude. Yes, I believed in myself and I handled it: I just grabbed life right by the knackers, by the giggle berry brass clankers, and just […]

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A Postcard From The Golden Trout Wilderness (aka Yes, You Can!)

When I wrote this post on Instagram, I dedicated it to the ladies in the purple shirts. The reference comes from the a discussion of “before” pictures, in particular the one at the very bottom of this post. Jayme coined the term. Shelley posted a picture in a purple shirt and off we went. I […]

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Amanda Rose and her son at the 45th Parallel sign north of Yellowstone National Park in August 2018, Amanda looking all trim at 140 pounds.

A Postcard From Yellowstone, A Message of Hope

In the spring and summer of 2018 I set out on an adventure with my family, through the Pacific Northwest in the spring with the whole family, and then a cross-country road trip with my sons, flying into Philadelphia to pick up a new-to-us Ford Explorer and driving it back to California. It was my […]

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