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Half My Size ​at Age 50

With No Surgery, Drugs, or Special Branded Products

​​Required: Your Own Bootstraps

​Amanda Rose, Ph.D.

140 pounds, down from 280 pounds

50 years old

Previous low weight as an adult: 167 pounds

From the prologue of the book "Half My Size With The Ridiculously Big Salad"

Way back, three years ago, when I was young and naive, and I thought weight loss diets were a bunch of baloney, as I was laid up on my couch, desperately wanting to hike with my sons when I could only just limp across my house, I scheduled an appointment with a bariatric surgeon and began the process to be approved for bariatric surgery, a surgery I would never have and that I no longer qualify for.

I was the surgeon’s ideal patient — I knew food, and I knew how to diet. I had the discipline to succeed, but I had not found the formula for losing weight. When I visited the surgeon in March 2017, I weighed in at 280 pounds (127 kg) of body weight and at 4,792 tons of desperation. The surgeon projected that I could reach 180 pounds (82 kg) with his gastric sleeve procedure, a loss of 100 pounds (45 kg), a weight at which I could walk across my house or even hike with my sons. In those dark, desperate days, I envisioned my future at 180 pounds. I would walk without limping. I was ready.

When I showed up at the surgeon’s office nearly two years later at 140 pounds (64 kg), having lost 40% more weight than he had projected, all on my own, the surgeon’s staff was astounded. Apparently not many patients of bariatric surgeons return two years later, half their size. In fact, in the final meeting I had with the nutritionist for the bariatric surgery, back before all of my weight loss, I asked if I risked losing so much weight that I would no longer qualify for the surgery. She looked directly into my eyes, shook her head left to right, and said, “No. As long as you have more than 40% body fat, you will qualify. You will not lose that much on your own.” The words seem unsupportive now, but she spoke them with such heart that I left her office with a glimmer of hope for my future.

As it would turn out, my schedule and the surgeon’s did not align for some months. My desperation was thereby channeled in an unexpected way, the basis of this book. I got started and somehow not only lost 40% more weight than promised with that bariatric surgery, I saved thousands of dollars in doing so. I ate more calories in the process, and my lifelong calorie and nutrition intake will be much higher. As a happy addition (as I flagrantly show in a video on YouTube), I do not have the skin sag that plagues bariatric patients, sometimes requiring tens of thousands of dollars of additional surgery and the accompanying surgery risk.

​The story really gets better, because it is not about me at all. This ​story is becoming​​​ ​viral, ​particularly among women over 50​.

​I started a weight loss support community in July 2018, and we already have over a dozen triple-digit weight loss cases – people who have followed my approach or taken its elements and adapted them to their unique needs and lifestyles. (We don't all need to do the exact same thing, after all, because that would be a bit inflexible and, frankly, a little strangely cultish.)

​Be skeptical and ​go check it out for yourself!

​When I was laid up on the couch and couldn't walk and desperate for change, I was also jaded from a long string of diet failures. ​I did ​not look for some "weight loss guru" to assist me. I had done that many times before and, apparently, did not have a whole lot of success. (My evidence: I was 280 pounds and couldn't walk. Obviously, weight loss programs had not worked for me.)

I know you are jaded, and you have my utmost respect for being jaded. I don't blame you one bit and, frankly, I would wonder about you if you were not. There are all kinds of Internet marketers out there trying to sell us weight loss junk that we don't need and that doesn't work. Some of them ​sell the stuff under ​real actual identity. Others do not. All of the shenanigans just add to our skepticism. Yes, we should be very skeptical.

This is why I am going to suggest you do something that none of the "weight loss marketers" would have you do, because it breaks the number one rule of ​​​Internet marketing sales pages that you are reading right now: Never let a ​reader leave the page. Keep them there and keep them reading until they buy what you're selling! ​

Here's your errand: Open a new tab on your computer or a browser app on your smart phone. ​Go to and perform a search. Type in the name of a popular weight loss program and ​its success cases. Count the triple digit (100+ pound) success cases ​you can find, of all ages and genders. As an added exercise, ​try to find ​cases of women over 50. They are out there, to be sure. Consider how many millions of book copies ​that weight loss program sold or how many members it has had over the decades. With that number in mind, ​compare those triple-digit cases to the dozen in ​the Eat Like a Bear! community​, in the mere 18 months of our existence. Consider the following:

  • ​Triple digit loss? Of other highly-promoted weight loss programs, how many triple-digit (100+ pound) weight loss cases can you find? How many are women over 50? (You will find over a dozen in the Eat Like a Bear! community.)
  • Cost? To​ achieve the results of those other programs, what would it cost you beyond your regular grocery expenses? A monthly membership? ​Expensive packaged food? (Eat Like a Bear! members tend to save money on groceries and just shop in the perimeter of the grocery store, with no monthly membership fee.)
  • And more cost? Other programs sell you foods and nutritional supplements to help you reach your goals. I do not sell those things, and if you read the prologue of The Ridiculously Big Salad  book, you will see why I am strongly philosophically opposed​ to doing so in this particular context. In fact, I am sure our "bootstrapping" approach, without such corporate crutches, is part of our secret sauce.

We're on fire!

Really, it's all crazy and ridiculous. We've got members like me who weigh less than they have ever weighed as adults and who are too small for their wedding dresses.

"You're a doctor?"

​I am indeed a "doctor," but do not ask me for a prescription, to ​set your broken arm in a cast, ​or for medical advice. My Ph.D. is in the social sciences, with a Ph.D. minor in statistics. 

As a trained statistician, people expect that I have cracked some sort of code ​for counting "keto macros." "Keto macros" are a point of obsession in the ketogenic diet community, referring to your intake of macro nutrients (protein, fats, and carbohydrates). Many smartphone apps will help you obsess over them and track them all day long. The fact is that I ​did not record my macros at all to lose weight, and you do not need to either, but I should clarify that point just a bit.

One of the things I discuss quite a bit in our community and in ​my book "Half My Size With The Ridiculously Big Salad" is how, during my rapid weight loss stage, I did not have a plan or recipes and "just threw stuff into bowls." That is my claim. I counted nothing. Indeed, when I was ​researching the book for the community (as community members asked for it), I was surprised to discover that my salads fit a framework, a distinct and replica​ble framework. For instance, of the ​15 salad dressing recipes in the book, ​13 fell into a tight range of calories. Of the remaining two, one was low and one was high.

The reality is that as a person with quite a lot of training in statistics and analytical research methods, my subconscious probably counts just about everything. In my primal desperate state in the fall of 2017, my ​mind was ​developing meals around a framework, and it would take me another 18 months before I would​ ​realize that. Use my framework and avoid counting. I have counted for you.

Counting is a whole lot of work and brings a level of obsession to eating that most of us do not need.

I'd like to claim that I am some medical guru ​who had a whole plan laid out to save my life, based on some in-depth research and applications, with some underlying intentional mathematical framework. The raw truth is that I had no real hope whatsoever and was just desperate to walk. I ​had extensive diet experience and food knowledge, allowing me to craft something,​ and that something changed my life.

Speaking of "no hope," I'd like you to watch the following video, "A Postcard from Yellowstone."  

​What if you already have the knowledge and experience to apply this framework? What if your lifetime of diets has prepared you for this moment?

​What if you just jumped right in and tried it? What if you did a real two-week ​test​​? What might you learn?

​What if ​your test hit it right ​in the bullseye? Heck, what if it hit anywhere on the board? ​

​What on earth are we actually doing?

  • ​The diet is ketogenic – keto – but certainly not the stereotypical "bacon and eggs" keto. 
    ​The "Ridiculously Big Salad" (and other meals that fit the framework) are low in carbohydrates and help you stay in a ketogenic, fat-burning mode.
  • ​The approach is a variation of the increasingly popular "intermittent fasting," ​that would have you structure your daily calories in a ​smaller window of hours each day, ​smaller than you have probably ever done. ​It is easier than you think to implement, especially given what a game-changer it is for some of us in terms of weight loss.
  • ​This framework helps you control your hunger. ​There is a video in the course of this specific and important topic, because I know it is a top concern for many of us. It was my number one biggest fear when I implemented this: I constantly struggled with hunger ​in the old days. Surely hunger would be far worse if I were eating in fewer hours. Indeed, that whole notion got turned on its head.

​​With massive weight loss,

should I worry about loose skin?

​Hey, our community is mostly comprised of women north of 50, and "loose skin" ​is a very big concern. Surgery to remove excess skin is expensive and can ​involve a painful recovery time. 

I think my video might very well blow your mind, especially if you have seen the loose skin on weight loss cases as big as mine, wherein people can hold their stomach skin out like a sack. The fear is real.

I ​do have some loose skin, but nothing I consider ​to require surgery. Judge for yourself in the video, but fair warning: You are about to see (and can't unsee) my bare, 50-year-old skin.

​But, really, who in the heck cares about loose skin

when you can hike?

​I'd carry my loose skin around in a big old bag if I had to, if it meant I could be out in the game ​engaged in life​​​​. ​I happened to land on an approach that frees me of that extra burden, but it is just a huge bonus. I saved thousands of dollars by avoiding bariatric surgery and then tens of thousands more in supporting my skin health as I lost weight, but none of those are the real core benefits. ​Anyone who is physically limited by their weight knows exactly what I am talking about. I don't need to paint a picture for us.

From the prologue of ​The Ridiculously Big Salad

"No pharmaceutical or supplement will ever be as effective as will be your own actions if you simply keep your head down and focus. ​"

​Where the ​RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE​ (but certainly not easy)​​​ ​

​awesomeness happens ...

Eat Like a Bear! Digital Course, Featuring "The Ridiculously Big Salad"

​This digital course centers around the popular "Ridiculously Big Salad" digital book, a book that caught fire in the Eat Like a Bear! community when I released it in June 2019. It is currently ​being prepared for a printed version (forthcoming in the spring of 2020). ​Almost as soon as it was released as a digital book, our community saw success rates improve. Over all of the months, as I have ​received questions and clarifications, I not only improved the book, but I created a series of videos to help ​with implementation even further. This collection of digital products is the result of that process.

​The package includes:

  • ​A spiffy new version of the digital book The Ridiculously Big Salad, delivered as a PDF download. It is 161 pages long and highly print-friendly ​for your home printer.
  • The Ridiculously Big Salad  book itself is resource-intense with core sections on what to eat, when, and why, as well as the psychology of success. The book includes:
    • A framework for making the most successful meal type in the Eat Like a Bear! community (The Ridiculously Big Salad), including a ​six-week salad meal plan with shopping lists.
    • Fifteen salad dressing recipes ​that are simple, delicious, and inexpensive.
    • Fifteen featured salad recipes to help you learn to craft your own.
  • Thirteen how-to videos, based on the most common misconceptions and pitfalls I have noted in the Eat Like a Bear! community over the past 18 months.
  • Twelve non-salad, "hot food" recipes that fit the food framework of The Ridiculously Big Salad, ​featuring pork, chicken, beef, and fish.
  • Recipes and lists from ​The Ridiculously Big Salad​ delivered as printables, in case you want to print only those (and not the entire book).​​​
  • Access to the Eat Like a Bear! community to help keep you focused.

​The Eat Like a Bear! How-To Course

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

​30-Day Money Back. ​

Secure Payment

​Amanda Rose, Ph.D.

​Founder, ​Eat Like a Bear!

About the Author

​Amanda Rose, Ph.D., 50 years old, is a social scientist and unexpected weight loss success case who leads a community of thousands of people (mostly women over 50) replicating her success. The community has over a dozen triple-digit weight loss cases attributed to her ​approach to weight loss, a framework that uses intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet, but in an approach distinct within the keto community.

​You've done it all before, and you're flippin' terrified that you're going to work your tail off and gain it all back again.

​Hey, I know. I think about it every day. For me in any case, so far, this one ​really does seem to be different. If I seem hesitant in my language, it is because I see it as a psychological discipline never to assume that I've got this licked.

Did you ever go on a diet, lose a bunch of weight, and then get all ​confident that you'd licked it, only to end up six month later not even fitting into your old fat pants anymore? That's a common mistake at 20-something. I figure that by 50 I ought to be a bit more humble. I will not consider myself a "maintenance success case" until I die at a ripe old age, trim.

​That said, I have never maintained my weight loss for this long before. I am a few months from the two-year mark. I ​maintained for only ​a few months on previous diets.​​​​​​

What is different about this ​diet in my case (which also appears to be the case for many members of the community), is that the eating structure I am using actually addresses one of the biological causes of my obesity, insulin resistance. When you have insulin in your blood, your body does not burn its fat. 

  • What if you have eaten for years in a way that would increase the amount of insulin in your blood, keeping you fat?
  • What if you could make one straightforward change​ that knocks that problem right between the eyes with a giant hammer?
  • What if that change required no surgery, no drugs, and no special branded foods ​or supplements? ​
  • What if that one swing of the hammer actually hit an ​underlying cause of your obesity​? 
  • How could that change your life? ​​​​

​​​You know how we always complain that obesity must have some sort of genetic component? That we have a "fat gene"? But despite our complaints, most thin people just think we ​are lazy and out of control? Well, we all have our lazy and out-of-control moments, but we were also right about that gene​....

​Take ​That ​in Again: "​An Underlying Cause of Obesity"

​I really just shake my head, because we've all known that the "fat gene" was real, but we still face skeptics who say that we're just making things up – making excuses, complaining, fat, and out of control. 

What if a group of middle-aged women who have always struggled with weight found each other on the Internet, say in a little Facebook group, and implemented this thing? What could that ​community prove about that laziness theory? 

Watch us or join us. It's up to you.

​Watch "A Postcard from Yellowstone" now, in case you missed it above, and you'll just get a bit of an idea of what can actually happen when you lift that hammer one more time:

​The Eat Like a Bear! Course vs. ​The Other Guys

​Quite frankly, I have found no other course or approach with the success rate we are seeing in our community. Considering our community is primarily women over 50 who have always struggled with their weight, I find this to be extraordinary. We ARE the most difficult cases, and we're on fire!

​Eat Like a Bear!​

  • ​This course came from 18 months of working with the growing (and thriving) Eat Like a Bear! community.
  • ​When you purchase this course and join us in our community, you will see our success cases and, if you're not impressed, ask for your money back. We are the real deal.
  • ​​I am an actual ​verifiable and fairly extreme weight loss success case. I lost the weight at 49 years old and am ​now 30 pounds below my lowest adult weight. I get it. (You know what I mean.) 

​​The Other Guys

  • ​The other stuff is built to capitalize on the growing demand for ketogenic diets.
  • ​They find a popular trend and create a product to sell you.
  • ​Their success stories ​may not come from their actual product or course.
  • ​They may ​be building "their list" so they can sell you junk you don't need.
  • ​The author or content creator may not even have personal ​experience ​with significant weight loss. ​

What Do You Get?

  • ​161-page digital download (PDF) book.
  • ​13 how-to videos, streamed to your device.
  • ​​Printables - Recipes, 6-week meal plan, shopping lists.
  • ​Non-salad printable recipes (3 each featuring sausage, chicken, beef, and fish).
  • ​Access to the Eat Like a Bear! community.
  • ​A 100% money-back guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by ​my 100%-satisfaction guarantee. ​Seriously, just contact me and tell me I'm full of ​it, and I'll send you a refund. ​What we are doing still blows my mind, and I want you to see it. Don't let the universe full of ​slick salesmen keep you from checking this out.

What's In The Course?

(I describe it at this point in the video below)

Frequently Asked Questions

​Seriously, you eat only once a day? Aren't we supposed to eat "6 little meals"?

How ​are you not hungry all the time?

​What if ​I am a vegetarian?

What ​if I don't want to eat salads every day?

​Will I really only be eating one meal a day?

​How much weight can I lose with this?

"​If it's really that great, where has it been all my life?" 

​Yeah, no flippin' kidding. 

Have you noticed the ​giant chip on my shoulder​ in all of this?​​​

"Do I really need ​someone to teach me 

how to make​ ​​a SALAD?" 

​If you are asking this question, you really are in my tribe, because I asked this very question for ​months​ as community members asked for "a salad ​recipe book." ​​​I showed my meals in live videos on Facebook and, very often, the meal was a salad. Community members started making their own and posting pictures in the feed. Seeing all of the pictures made me realize how much variation there was in "salad concepts" in the community. I decided to set aside an entire week​ to ​create the recipes. Really, how hard could that be?

It was in working ​on the recipes that I realized these salads do have a distinct framework. The framework is very simple, so it is easy to take it for granted and not even recognize it as a framework. Heck, it came out of my ​mind, and I ate the salads for nearly two years before ​even I recognized the framework​.

Yes, it is easy to take it for granted and think you've nailed it. Many community members have not purchased the book for this reason, and some are implementing well despite that. In fact, most of our biggest weight loss success cases right now got started ​without the book. However, it is their successes and other members' struggles that have helped me hone the content in the book and videos. I see why some people are succeeding when others are not, and I work to adapt our content and message accordingly. All of that goes into this course and it really is far more than "just a salad." ​In fact, I dare say one of the bigger barriers to weight loss in our community is this very attitude (of not appreciating the food framework). Frankly, it is an attitude I had ​to some degree a year ago.  

I discuss the "Do I need a salad book?" in the video below.  ​​​​​​​​​

What if you ​lifted that hammer one more time?

  • What if you have eaten for years in a way that would increase the amount of insulin in your blood, keeping you fat?
  • What if you could make one straightforward change​ that knocks that problem right between the eyes with a giant hammer?
  • What if that change required no surgery, no drugs, and no special branded foods ​or supplements? ​
  • What if that one swing of the hammer actually hit an ​underlying cause of your obesity​? 
  • How could that change your life? ​​​​

P.S.: ​Yes, I know you've done it all and have wasted a lot of money on natural uppers, ab rollers, ​seaweed soap, herbal soap, boxed food, canned food, and liquid food in cans and boxes. If you're not jaded and skeptical, then you might not be breathing. Scroll up and watch the video "A Postcard from Yellowstone."​

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